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This tribute to Grace Hoadley Dodge was curated by Jane P. Franck, Director, and Frank M. Webster, Associate Director, Academic Information Services, and represents the scholarship, technical acumen, and collaborative decision making of the following contributors:

David Donabedian, Head, Access Services, coordinated the collection of photographs from various sources.

John P. Edwards, Digital Resources Librarian, moved the exhibit from a working platform to the library's "live" web server, designed the gallery pages, and advised on accessibility and design issues.

Allen Foresta, Head, Research Services, performed the final proofreading and link verification.

Richard G. Fry, Academic Information Services Assistant, designed and coded the pages and photographed the portrait of Grace Dodge.

Clayton Funk, Electronic Information Resources Assistant, assisted with scanning and proofreading.

Jennifer Govan, Assistant Director, Collections and Curriculum Support Services, researched and compiled information for "HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS OF THE DODGE FAMILY," and directed the presentation of the contemporary Grace Dodge Hall photographs.

Hal Grossman, Electronic Information Resources Librarian, co-authored the bibliography, and coded some of the pages.

Cecile Hastie, Instructional Programs Librarian, assisted with the procurement of photos and copyright permissions.

Yodit Kebede, Head, Periodicals and Microform Center, collected photographs from the American Natural History Museum and electronic images from the Phelps Dodge Corporation, and contributed to the bibliography.

Anita Lauer, Head, EDUCAT Database Management, collected photographs from the American Natural History Museum and contributed to the bibliography.

Melanie Martin, Conservator, advised on the handling of fragile archival materials and prepared materials for scanning.

David Ment, Head, Special Collections, coordinated the search for photographs and copyright permissions, captioned photographs, and provided archival documents.

Anca Meret, Computer Services Librarian, co-authored the bibliography.

Soon-Hwa Oh, Part-time Assistant, Collections and Curriculum Support Services, and doctoral candidate in Art Education, photographed contemporary images of Grace Dodge Hall, with a concentration on its people.

Maria Pastor, Multimedia Specialist & Collections and Curriculum Support Services Bibliographer, photographed and digitally edited contemporary images of Grace Dodge Hall, with a concentration on its architectural details.

Kim Pini, Reserve Input Specialist, collected photographs from the New York Public Library, the New York Historical Society and Union Theological Seminary.

Kacinee Suthiphongchai, Archives Assistant, made preservation photocopies of the IEA, Kitchen Garden, and Dodge materials for scanning.

Usa Ungsunantwiwat, Reserve Input Specialist, Reserve Supervisor, collected photographs from the Columbia University Libraries and the Barnard College Library.

Bette Weneck, Manuscript Curator, Special Collections wrote the text for "EARLY LIFE AND FAMILY" and "THE INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION AND THE FOUNDING OF TEACHERS COLLEGE."

Invaluable advisory assistance was also provided by Adolfo Bon, Library Systems Specialist; Maureen Horgan, Associate Director for Administrative Services; Angelo Miranda, Video Services Coordinator; and Abdur Raqib, Head, Library Systems.

Special thanks to Gilberto Cartagena, Operations; Orlando Cartagena, Jr., Operations; Kurt Elmer, Assistant Director, Facilities; and Joan Malczewski, Assistant Dean for their assistance in photographing the portrait of Grace Dodge and photographing the architectural details of Grace Dodge Hall.

Exhibit contributors rise to heroic heights to photograph mosaics in Grace Dodge Hall. Left to right: Maria Pastor, Soon-Hwa Oh, Jennifer Govan.

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